Here’s my resume.


Principal Consultant at International Planning & Research in New Haven, CT and Boston, MA since June 2009.

  • I use my background in econometrics to build forecasting and market sizing models for clients in the IT industry. I excel in leveraging limited data with novels statistical tools to develop a complete understanding of markets spread across many definitions.
  • I deliver those results in executive-level presentations and interactive scenario simulators.
  • I also build R packages, as well as tools in Shiny and Excel, to help improve analyst efficiency and productivity company-wide. Contact me below to ask about them!

Senior Analyst, International Arbitration, at EconOne in Washington, DC in 2012.

  • I developed valuation models for natural resource companies for use in contract disputes and arbitration.

Technical Skills

Strong: R (+Shiny, +RMarkdown), Excel, SAS, HTML/CSS
Familiar: SQL, Python, Javascript +D3, VBA, C++, Unix, Git, Tableau


People skills

Docent at Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven, CT since March 2014.

  • I lead weekend highlights tours covering the Peabody’s dinosaur, mammal, mineral, and Egypt collections. I’ve written two specialty tours, including one about the Peabody Museum’s connection with the dinosaurs featured in Jurassic Park.

  • Tour action shot

  • I have also served as President and Vice President of the Associates Council, where I helped to develop new programs to improve community and visitor outreach at the museum.

Recent Posts

Data science with a sense of humor

More Posts

COnvert and image into a single-line spiral drawing using R and the tidyverse.


Image analysis of Instagram posts at the Yale Peabody Museum using Google Cloud Vision AI, clustering, and principal components.


Updates and improvements to the tidyverse LEGO mosaic functions.


Instructions for turning any photo into a LEGO mosaic using R and the tidyverse.


Using the tidyverse in R to find spurious correlations between dinosaur outlines and cause of death data.




My favorite way to learn a new skill is to build projects, both the valuable/commissioned and the completely absurd. Here’s a selection.

Smaller, one-off projects can be found in the blog section.


RStudio addin to view data frames as pivot tables for more thorough, handson evalution of results. Github.io Page | GitHub

NHL Analytics

Player and post-game analytics using RStudio Connect and Shiny Server. Short Demo Version.

stats808 Box Office Modeling

Forecasting U.S. box office revenue with diffusion modeling. Updated version coming… eventually.


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