Datasaurs is a Twitter bot that redraws extinct animals using US cause of death time series data.

Here’s the link to the live bot. See my GitHub for the script and latest updates.

Getting Started

Datasaurs draws an image by replacing the dorsal outline of an extinct animal with a highly correlated cause of death time series.
Each bot run is randomly generated by sampling 1 of 250 animal images, possibly flipping the drawing’s x-values, assigning a random start date to the implied line data series, and filling the chart with a random shade of green.


This bot run primarily on R using tidyverse packages.
A short Windows batch is scheduled to run every six hours, creating a new post.


In addition to the files on the GitHub page, you will need to create Twitter app and save the credentials to a file API.csv. See the .gitignore files for more information.


The Windows batch file RunDatasaur.bat is two lines telling Windows to run the R script using R 3.4. In future releases, this will be moved to AWS.

Built With

  • R - R
  • tidyverse - Tidyverse packages + ggplot2
  • twitteR - Connect to Twitter through R

Input data

  • Fauna silhoutte png files from Web addresses and artists for each image used by the bot can be found in BotInputs/DatasaurList.csv.
  • United States cause of death data collected from the CDC Wonder database. Queries over various demographics were collected.


For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


Ryan Timpe
Data Science | Economics