How To: Spiral line drawings with the tidyverse and gganimate

COnvert and image into a single-line spiral drawing using R and the tidyverse.

How To: Create triva from Wikipedia

Short post! Using rvest and tidytext to pull setences from Wikipedia.

Using data science tools to understand museum visitor engagement

Image analysis of Instagram posts at the Yale Peabody Museum using Google Cloud Vision AI, clustering, and principal components.

LEGO mosaics: Two weeks later

Updates and improvements to the tidyverse LEGO mosaic functions.

How To: LEGO mosaics from photos using R & the tidyverse

Instructions for turning any photo into a LEGO mosaic using R and the tidyverse.

Datasaurs: Building a Twitter bot with the tidyverse

Using the tidyverse in R to find spurious correlations between dinosaur outlines and cause of death data.

Generating dinosaur names using deep learning

Using Keras to generate new dinosaur names and display them on phylogenetic trees.

The Golden Girls Drinking Game: A Tidytext Analysis

Using tidytext principals to determine which season optimizes the Golden Girls drinking game.

Data of the Age of Reptiles: Part 5 - Geography

Where on earth (literally) does the Age of Reptiles mural take place?

Data of the Age of Reptiles: Part 4 - Objects

Mapping the named plants and animals in the Age of Reptiles mural.