R Packages

I have developed a few packages in R to improve my analytical workflow and to wrap complex chunks of script into clean functions. Two of these packages are open source.


rspivot is a Shiny gadget for RStudio for viewing data frames as interactive pivot tables.

The View() function in RStudio displays data frames and tibbles as they are stored in the R environment: flat files of many rows and columns. Though View() provides the ability to filter series using a single parameter or value range, it lacks many tools necessary for properly examing output. rspivot provides an alternative to View() by viewing data frames and tibbles as interactive pivot tables.


ipfitr contains a family of functions to assist in multi-dimensional scaling and iterative proportional fitting (IPF) in the tidyverse format. IPF can be used to take many low-level aggregated summary data tables and interpolate all the data points in the crosshatches. The functions in ipfitr provide features to supply specific targets values or ranges for single or groups of crosshatch data points.

Click here for a step-by-step demo.