Ryan Timpe

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Lead data scientist @ the LEGO Group with expertise in:

Marketing mix modeling
Multi-touch attribution
Lifetime value modeling

Managing data science teams
Data visualization

Times series forecasting
Survey data
Stakeholder engagement

The LEGO Group

Lead Data Scientist
2021 - present

Senior Data Scientist
2019 - 2021

Marketing Effectiveness

Promotional Effectiveness

LEGO Retail data science

Develop and maintain an in-house marketing mix model solution to estimate impact and profitability of media investments and other sales drivers. Use these models to optimize marketing approaches and allocate budget between audience and product groups.

Lead teams of internal and external data scientists to develop shopper lifetime value, multi-touch attribution, and trade marketing performance models. Automate these processes in Databricks and deploy to business stakeholders through PowerBI.

Interpret complex analytical studies and results for business stakeholders and provide guidance on applying machine learning models to real world applications.

Complete projects across the business on an ad-hoc basis to unlock data value by leveraging data science and machine learning tools to solve complex business problems.

Mentor team members in best practices; develop code and documentation that enables teams to efficiently use tools and work independently.

Recruit and on-board team members, including data scientists and engineers. Organize and track quarterly OKR (objectives & key results) for each data science product.

International Planning & Research

Principal Consultant
2017 – 2019

Senior Consultant
2012 – 2017

2009 – 2012

Project manager and lead analyst for market sizing and forecasting models. Combined machine learning techniques and domain knowledge to develop growth and market share projections for key areas in the technology industry.

Shared model results and actionable insights with executive clients to inform short-term business and strategic planning.

Developed libraries and web applications in R (Shiny) for automated data analysis, visualization, model reviewing, outlier detection, and other common data tasks. Hosted regular R, Excel, and data analysis company-wide training workshops.

Served as data visualization team lead for major client deliveries. Designed and built fully interactive graphics for use by executives to summarize and explain high-dimensional datasets.

New York Rangers Hockey

Independent Consultant
2016 – 2017

Built and maintained collection of interactive dashboards using SQL and R Shiny Server to analyze NHL team and player performance statistics customized to client’s needs and definitions.

Completed predictive modeling and visualization on-demand projects, including automated post-game reports in HTML using R Markdown.

Created a player matching tool to support analysis and provide management with an advantage during free agent contract negotiations.

Econ One Research

Senior Analyst

International Arbitration

Provided economic and financial analysis to estimate monetary damages used during international contract arbitration.

Developed discounted cash flow models with interactive “what-if” scenario analysis, incorporating contract clauses and national laws.

Technical skills & education

Technical skills

R, RStudio (Connect, Rmarkdown, Shiny)
Excel & MS Office, VBA
Databricks, AWS
Python, C++
Hadoop, Hive, Spark
Tableau, Power BI


Boston University
BA/MA Dual-Degree Program
May 2009

Master of Arts in Economics
GPA: 3.88

Bachelor of Art in Economics
GPA: 3.65 Major: 3.93 Magna Cum Laude